Added the ability to share external calendars!

Recently, we’ve added several new features to our app, making it even more convenient for families, couples, and partners to use together. Here, we’ll introduce these new features.

1. External Calendar Sharing Function

Sharing schedules with your family or partner is crucial for planning. With the newly added external calendar sharing function, you can easily check each other’s schedules. This feature can be set up in the calendar settings.

For instance, you can consolidate your children’s school events and family trips into one calendar, making it easy for the whole family to plan smoothly. Couples can also manage date plans and shared tasks together, improving communication.

2. Password Lock Function

To protect your privacy, we’ve added a password lock feature for the app. This feature can be set up in the app settings on your profile page. This is particularly useful if the entire family uses the same device, ensuring everyone’s privacy.

For example, if each partner wants to manage individual tasks or if a couple wants to keep surprise plans secret, this feature is extremely convenient. Now, the whole family can use the app with peace of mind.

3. Task Template Function

To efficiently manage everyday tasks, we’ve added a new task template function. With this feature, you can save frequently performed tasks as templates and easily reuse them.

For instance, you can save weekly shopping lists or regular household chores as templates, significantly saving time. It also simplifies the division of roles within the family, making joint tasks with your partner or spouse smoother.

These new features are fantastic additions for anyone using the app in various relationships, such as families, couples, and partners, to make everyday life more comfortable and efficient. Be sure to take advantage of these features to enjoy a more convenient and enjoyable daily life!


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