Improved calendar functionality

The latest update has brought significant enhancements to the calendar app, making it even more user-friendly. With added features tailored for families, couples, and individuals, scheduling and managing events have become smoother than ever.

Firstly, a notable addition is the option to set the default for scheduling events as an all-day affair. This allows for quick registration of entire day events without the constraints of specific time frames, ensuring important family occasions and holidays are never overlooked.

Next, there’s the new setting to default events as visible only to oneself when registering them. This ensures that private schedules remain confidential, providing a means to share individual events securely within the family or with a partner.

Furthermore, the calendar screen has been improved to easily open the calendar for a selected year or month. This modification streamlines the process of checking future plans or schedules for specific periods.

For users of external calendars, there’s good news! The ability to set colors for external calendars has been added, making it easy to visually distinguish between different calendars. This feature facilitates a quick overview of individual family or couple schedules.

Lastly, the ability to swipe and delete events from the event list has been incorporated. This allows for the swift removal of unnecessary events, keeping the calendar clutter-free.

For families, couples, and individuals alike, these new features are designed to streamline day-to-day schedule management and contribute to improved communication. Be sure to try out the latest update and experience the enhanced functionalities!


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