We have added support for embedding images in notes and descriptions, and for repeating tasks on certain weekdays every ◯ months or ◯ weeks.

In our daily lives, moments shared with family, spouses, and couples, along with small tasks, make our lives truly special. Wouldn’t you like to manage tasks more casually and enjoyably in such daily moments? Today, we are pleased to announce new features and updates to fulfill such wishes.

1.You can now embed images in descriptions and notes.

Descriptions and notes have become even more user-friendly. Particularly, the image attachment feature is a highlight. Being able to save precious family moments, lovely memories with a spouse, or special times with a partner alongside notes is truly reassuring.

2.Support for repeating tasks on certain weekdays every ◯ months or ◯ weeks.

With the newly added feature, tasks that repeat on specific weekdays every ◯ months or ◯ weeks can now be set up more simply. For instance, scheduling enjoyable weekend moments with family or regular date nights with a spouse can be seamlessly incorporated into your routine.

3.Private category tasks are now displayed in the “All” tab.

Private tasks are now solidly integrated into your schedule. The catch? Only you can see this special view. Feel free and proceed with your daily tasks at your own pace. Private tasks are indicated with a lock icon.

4.A trash bin feature has been added to notes.

The newly added trash bin feature for notes serves as a backup in case you accidentally delete valuable information. Whether it’s small family events, daily interactions with a spouse, or promises with a partner, you can securely store these unforgettable details.

In our daily lives, there are countless moments shared with loved ones. To make these moments even more comfortable and enjoyable, we’re introducing these new features and updates. We look forward to continuously supporting and enriching your everyday life with your loved ones.


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