A complete overview of the undiscovered useful features of the Family Log

Hello! Today, I’m excited to share some handy, yet lesser-known features that are particularly useful for families, couples, and spouses. These tips will make your daily life more comfortable and allow you to manage your household efficiently while keeping your private life private.

1. Making Categories Private

First, let’s talk about the ability to make categories completely private. This can be done by selecting the “Display to me only” option when creating a category. This ensures that tasks within that category are not shared and remain your personal task list. You can manage personal appointments and goals separately from your family tasks, allowing for privacy while still keeping track of the family’s overall schedule.

2. Handy Features of the Household Account Book

Next, let’s delve into the wonderful features of the household account book. The Family Log’s account book allows you to manage each family member’s finances in one view, which is incredibly convenient. Moreover, couples or spouses can add a common account book for joint financial management. This feature enhances transparency in financial management and facilitates budgeting and savings plans. It helps in mutual understanding of financial situations and in smart household financial management.

3. Auto-Save Feature of the Notepad

Finally, let’s highlight the notepad’s handy feature. The Family Log’s notepad allows you to create rich-text, expressive notes. What’s notable is its auto-save feature, which activates if there’s no activity for 10 seconds. This means you won’t lose your data while writing long texts or important information. It’s a secure way to keep records of family memories or crucial notes, helping to preserve your family’s history.


How did you find these features? Today, we introduced convenient functions recommended for families, couples, and spouses. Utilizing these features can enrich your daily life and make household management more efficient. Try using the Family Log as a tool to deepen family bonds!


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