We have added a feature that allows for the recurring setting of household budget payments. Additionally, we have implemented other feature enhancements.

Living together as a family or a couple brings joy, but also comes with various responsibilities and challenges. Particularly, joint financial management is the foundation of a happy coexistence. Recently, our budgeting app has been updated with new features that will be convenient for families, couples, and partners.

Automatic Setting for Recurring Payments

The first new feature is the option to automatically set up recurring payments. Regular expenses like rent, utility bills, or children’s tuition can now be automatically recorded each month. This eliminates the worry of forgetting to log expenses and makes managing finances much easier.

Visual Emphasis on Weekends and Holidays

We’ve made an update where the calendar now changes background colors for Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. This allows for easy identification of these days, making planning for weekend outings or holiday activities even simpler for families and couples.


We hope that these new features will make the shared lives of families, couples, and partners smoother and more enjoyable. Managing a household budget is more than just tracking numbers; it’s a symbol of working together towards shared goals. We encourage you to use these new features to build a richer life together.


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