We’ve made language settings adjustments, changed the household accounting icons, and improved editor and work shift entry.

Thank you for using our app this year and we look forward to working with you in 2024.

Apps that are useful in various everyday situations are indispensable for enriching the lives of families, couples, and partners, right? This time, we’re excited to introduce the new features and improvements of the app that have made it even more user-friendly and convenient for families.

1.We’ve made adjustments so you can set the language used in the app.

Now, each user can use the app in the language they understand best, reducing communication barriers.

2.We’ve changed the icon for household accounting.

Managing household finances is an important activity that deepens family bonds. The icon for this has been renewed! With a clearer and more user-friendly design, managing finances is likely to become even more enjoyable.

3.We’ve made it so completed tasks also show up in “Today’s Tasks.”

When sharing tasks within the family, it’s important to quickly check which tasks have been completed. As a new feature, completed tasks will also be displayed in “Today’s Tasks.” Now, everyone’s progress is clear at a glance!

4.Improved usability of the editor.

We’ve improved the issue where the toolbar of the editor, used for sharing notes and schedules between couples or partners, occupied too much display area. Now, sharing information is smoother.

5.Speed up shift entry.

Sharing work shifts with your spouse to organize home schedules is an indispensable part of couple life. The input speed for shifts has been improved, allowing for more accurate schedule adjustments.

6.Evolution of the memo function.

We’ve added an undo feature to the memo trash can. You can now restore memos you accidentally deleted with peace of mind.

With these updates, communication and task management between families, couples, and partners have become even smoother. We’re looking forward to adding more features to deepen family bonds in the future!

We’re excited for the ongoing evolution of the app that increases family smiles.

Check out the upgrades here.


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