The “app icon” has been updated with a cute new look!

I have exciting news regarding the new app icon! We’ve recently made a significant change, transitioning from the simple design created using an icon generation site to a professionally crafted icon by a designer.

Previously, our icon had a subtle and quiet aesthetic, reflecting a low-key family image. However, with the introduction of the new icon, we’ve taken a bold step to make it more eye-catching. The redesigned icon now exudes warmth and softness, creating a design that invites users to engage.

The rationale behind the creation of the new icon is as follows:

The previous icon, while easy to create, lacked the visual appeal we desired. In contrast, the new design not only prioritizes user-friendliness but also incorporates a sense of warmth and softness. It particularly emphasizes the importance of communication within families, couples, and partnerships.

This change aims to enhance the overall app experience, providing users with a more visually appealing and emotionally resonant design. The new icon not only catches the eye but also serves as a reminder of the significance of family and partnership.

The design elements of the new icon emphasize the bonds of family, couples, and partnerships, making the app feel even more familiar and endearing. We believe that this visual transformation will turn your app usage into a more delightful experience, deepening the special moments you share with your loved ones.

The alteration of the icon goes beyond a mere visual change; it positively impacts the entire user experience. We invite you to explore the app with the new icon and enjoy strengthened connections with your family and loved ones. Cheers to a more enriched and engaging experience!


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