Easier Family Budget Management with Our New App Updates

Managing a household budget with your family, spouse, or partner can sometimes be a challenging task. Keeping track of daily expenses and planning for future payments is essential to maintain financial stability at home. However, doing this efficiently amidst a busy schedule is not easy. To help you with this, we have updated our budgeting app with new features that make it more user-friendly and effective.

New Setting to Hide Unused Menus

Firstly, we have added a setting to hide unused menus. This allows you to quickly access the information you need, simplifying the app’s operation. Even when sharing the app with family members, each person can display only the menus they need, greatly enhancing usability. This is equally beneficial for couples sharing the app, as it allows customization according to each person’s needs.

Display Next Execution Date for Recurring Expenses

Additionally, we have revised the recurring expenses feature to display the next execution date. This makes it easier to keep track of regular payments. For example, if you tend to forget the due dates for monthly rent or utility bills, this feature provides peace of mind. By allowing all family members to know the upcoming expenses, it helps avoid unnecessary spending and maintains the household budget balance.

Designed for Ease of Use for the Whole Family

Our goal is to provide an app that is easy for everyone in the family to use. Some family members might not be tech-savvy, but with these updates, anyone can navigate the app intuitively. For instance, children can record their school expenses without hassle, and grandparents can manage their fixed incomes effortlessly.

Sharing Features for Couples

For couples, sharing budget management is crucial. Our app includes a feature that allows real-time sharing of income and expenses. This improves communication between partners and reduces stress related to household finances. For example, it prevents scenarios where one partner buys groceries that the other has already purchased, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Future of Budget Management

We will continue to add new features that make the app comfortable to use for families, couples, and partners. This update is just the first step. We are committed to making your life more convenient and making budget management enjoyable. We look forward to your continued support.


With the new update, our budgeting app has become even more user-friendly. Families, couples, and partners can achieve efficient budget management. Take this opportunity to update the app and try out the convenient new features.


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